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 xXLoZFanXx- The only female in the clan =D

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PostSubject: xXLoZFanXx- The only female in the clan =D   Mon Apr 21, 2008 9:40 am

hi evryone , as you probably know im xXLoZFanXx and heres some information about myself Very Happy

general information

username: xXLoZFanXx
Name: Lauren [which is rather ironic [i think] coz zelda can be abreviated to LoZ...oh well, life goes on..]
Age: 13
Birthday: 7th April
Height: 4ft 9inch [last time i checked which was a christmas]
Favorite VideoGame Comany: Nintendo (evry1 else either joined the video game industry because of spite [sony] because they thought they had a chance to compete [SEGA] or everyone else was doin it so they decided to 'jump on the band wagon' [Microsoft])
Nintendo Systems Owned in order: Gameboy colour, Gameboy Advance [sold gameboy colour], Nintendo DS [the giant 1], Nintendo DS lite white [sold old ds], Nintendo 64 [i think it was after ds lite white], Nintendo Gamecube, Wii [Sold Gamecube a few weeks later],Nintendo Ds lite Black [Sold DS lite white] Gameboy Sp [sold gameboy advance], Gameboy advance sp special zelda Edition [i wanted a gold 1.. xD]
Hair & Eye colour: Very Very Dark Brown

Other stuff:

Well...erm...my favorite nintendo series is Zelda...with MOTHER close behind [very sad story line for a 'particular ' 1... ;-;] . I main Toon Link, Lucas & Ness in brawl, i am rather a creative person and like drawing sometimes. My ambition in life is to work for nintendo but im rather sceptical whether it will actually happen or no Neutral but u can still hope Very Happy

erm what else...oh my first of each nintntendo series i played thatll work lol!

Mario- The Gameboy Donkey Kong if you count that...if not Super mario advance 2 [the remake of the 'fake' super mario bros. 2]
Donkey Kong- Donkey Kong [played nothing else except a demo of that 1 where you use the drums to move n stuff]
Zelda- Phantom Hourglass Embarassed
Pokémon- Gold Version [it is true that it was the best, ahh good times Very Happy ]
Metroid- never played any...
F-Zero- Hate the franchise in general [i dont know why Neutral ] i never intend to play 1...
MOTHER- MOTHER 3 [rom, till i decided to giv up utill the fan translation was ready and got a rom of earthbound instead]
Kirby- Mouse Attack/ Squeak squad
Metal Gear- Never Played...
Metroid- see metal gear...
Star Fox- see metal gear also...
Yoshi series- Yoshi Island DS
Sonic- Sonic the Hedgehog [the REAL 1]
Warioware- Smooth Moves
Kid Icarus- Kid icarus
Fire Emblem- see metal gear..
Pikmin- See metal Gear agen!
Game & Watch- U know the drill!

writin a paragraph about ur self isnt easy ill tell ya [well...pk2 said it 1st...]
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xXLoZFanXx- The only female in the clan =D
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